Meet Ryan!

The owner and sole proprietor of Fillerrup.ca.

A couple years ago, on a cold January day, we had to go to a kids birthday party. Struggling to get the kids ready, we were running late.  We decided to take my wife's vehicle as that one had the DVD player in it. We started driving and I noticed the gas light was on. I said "we need gas" and my wife said "oh ya, I forgot". What she really meant was, she despised pumping gas and having to leave the kids in the car to do so. So there I was at the gas station, pumping gas in the freezing cold. I looked around at all the other people pumping their own gas, and I thought "There must be a better way!" I paid for my gas and drove away. The whole way there, I kept thinking, "how could it get better?" Then it dawned on me! What if you didn't have to go to the gas station anymore? What if the gas station came to you? and thus began Fillerrup.ca.  I meticulously researched this concept, reading about the rules and regulations. What I came up with was a new concept that no one in Canada has been doing.

Fillerrup.ca provides fuel delivery to individuals and businesses in the eastern Ottawa area. We bring you the convenience of never having to stop to fill up at a gas station again. People have been pumping their own gas for over 100 years! We're changing that today.

Reason's why you will love using Fillerrup.ca

Convenient and safe

With the Fillerrup service you will never have to stand in the rain or in the cold, never have to leave your children in the car alone, never have to worry about filling up again! Have peace of mind knowing that your tank will be full when you need it to be.

Licensed and insured

We are fully insured, bonded and certified to transport, handle and dispense regular, premium and diesel fuel. 

Growing service

Fillerrup.ca has been growing rapidly by providing our service to individuals and businesses all throughout Ottawa and surrounding. If you are curious if we service your area, please contact us.