Frequently asked questions

What is Fillerrup.ca?

Fillerrup.ca is Canada's first fuelsharing service. Fillerrup.ca is a membership based mobile fuel delivery service. For less than $5 a week, we can fill ALL your personal vehicles (jerrycans too) at your home while you sleep. We are fully insured, bondable and certified to transport, handle and dispense fuel. With your monthly membership, you will never need to stop for gas again!

What areas are being serviced by Fillerrup.ca?

Fillerrup.ca currently services Clarence-Rockland, Wendover, Bourget, Plantagenet, Cheney and East Ottawa (Orleans, Gloucester, Navan etc.) We fully expect rapid expansion and aims to service all of Ottawa and surrounding areas in the near future. Email or text us anytime for more information.

What are Fillerrup.ca's Hours?

Fillerrup.ca only operates at night. Fillerrup.ca comes to your house at night so when you get in your vehicle in the morning, it's full of gas and ready to go! Here are our operating hours: Sunday Night 9pm-5am Monday Night 9pm-5am Tuesday Night 9pm-5am Wednesday Night 9pm-5am Thursday Night 9pm-5am *If you need specific times please text or email us.

How much is Fillerrup.ca's fuel?

Our fuel prices vary as the market dictates. Fillerrup.ca does not have the same overhead as a traditional gas station and is able to pass the savings on to you. Our prices are competitive and average 2-10 cents less than your local gas stations.

Where does Fillerrup.ca get its fuel?

Fillerrup.ca buys Regular 87 Octane and Premium 91 Octane fuel from the same providers that the 'big guys' source from. Our fuel is double-filtered so you know you're getting the cleanest fuel available. This ensures quality gasoline is pumped directly into your vehicle.

How do you deal with locking gas flaps?

We will remind you to open your gas flap on your selected delivery day by text message. You then leave the gas flap slightly ajar so our driver can access the tank. When your car’s tank is filled, we will close your gas flap for you.

What if my car isn’t easy to access?

Our trucks are equipped with a 50-foot hose, so we’re able to reach most vehicles, even if our truck can’t get close to them. If you're vehicle is parked inside a garage, you will need to leave the garage open or provide an access code to the garage. Please specify in the 'drivers notes' on the 'sign up' form.

Is Fillerrup.ca Safe?

Absolutely! Fillerrup.ca is insured and regulation compliant. Our tanks are Transport Canada approved. Our Fuel Transfer Technicians are certified in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and are certified as drivers by the Canadaian Fuels Association. Our vehicles carry a fire extinguisher and spill kits in the unlikely scenario of a spill. Fillerrup.ca takes safety seriously and continuously updates training. Every driver is CPR and first aid certified as well as current on WHMIS training. The concept of fuel delivery is not new. Every year, thousands of fuel trucks safely deliver millions of litres of propane and other heating fuels to homes all over Canada. Our trucks carry a much smaller amount of fuel. Compare that to one of the 'big guys' trucks carrying 50-100000 litres at a time. While large gas tankers are safe, we use small trucks that are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and can quietly squeeze into tight places. Gasoline is not pressurized like propane and is safer to transport, especially in these small quantities.

Is Fillerrup.ca environmentally friendly?

Imagine 30-50 different vehicles driving to the gas station. Some driving further than others for a better price. Fillerrup.ca can service all of these vehicles in one night with just one pick-up truck. By using our service, you are doing your part to cut down on emissions and contribute to a greener environment. Fillerrup.ca is evironmentally responsible!