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100% Contactless

Our service is the true meaning of contactless. With no need to meet us at your vehicle and payments are done online. Therefore, we are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Health and Safety

The #1 employee perk for Ottawa businesses. 

Gather your coworkers and arrange a fill-up right in your office parking lot. 

If you think of the number of germs that are on a gas pump you wouldn't want to stop there either! A gas pump is more than 11,000 times as dirty as a toilet lid. Gross! Let us pump your gas and save yourself from the germs. 

Employee Perk

Employers can also get involved in the service by showing your appreciation for your employees. Arrange for us to come to fill up your employee's vehicles and you pay the delivery fee. Or raffle off a free tank of gas! If you are looking for ideas, we are here to help!


As you know it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that their workplace is accessible for everyone. Offering the additional option of arranging for staff vehicles to be filled is an added bonus for anyone joining the company.

How it works...

Request a Fill-Up

Contact us through our website, send us a message through Facebook or our website, and choose a filling day that works for your office. We'll take it from there

Prepare For Delivery

On your requested delivery day, make sure to have your gas flap popped or easily accessible. We will close it when we are done. There is no need to meet us in your workplace parking lot, it is part of the convenience of our service. 

Receive an Invoice

Depending on your fuel schedule you will receive an invoice via email either at the end of the week or the day after your fill-up. Payment can be made using a credit card, bank payment, or etransfer. 

Request Your Fill-Up