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Save time and money with fuel delivery. 

Fleets, dealerships, construction sites, workplaces, and more!

Ottawa's First Mobile Energy Company

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Businesses That Benefit From 

For Fleets

Your fleet vehicles are always on the road helping your business run. can help simplify the process of managing the fuel they need.

Save Time 

Save Money

Receive Detailed Reporting

For Dealerships

Stop worrying about potentially damaging your customers vehicle when needing to drive it off the lot. Or paying your staff to drive to the gas station to fill a vehicle before delivery. will bring the fuel right to your dealership with hassel-free, contact-free delivery. 

For Workplaces

Ottawa's #1 employee perk! Providing a contactless way to refuel your vehicle while at work.


Employers, this is a great way to show your appreciation to your employees. 

For Construction

We are not like the other guys. We deal with small volume fill-ups! This means we can bring fuel right onto your job site and fill up your boom trucks, generators, work trucks, and other small equipment. 

How it works...

Request a Fill-Up

Contact us through our website, or send us a message through Facebook and let us know what type of fuel you are looking for, what you would like filled, when you would like it filled, and where. We'll take it from there

Prepare For Delivery

On your requested delivery day, make sure you are prepared for your delivery by either meeting our fuel transfer technician (depending on what is being filled) or having your gas flap popped/ easily accessible. We will close it when we are done.

There is no need to meet us in your workplace parking lot, it is part of the convenience of our service. 

Receive an Invoice

Depending on your fuel schedule you will receive an invoice via email either at the end of the week or the day after your fill-up. Payment can be made using a credit card, bank payment, or etransfer. 

The price of our fuel is based on the Ottawa average.
As the price of fuel changes, so does ours. 

Because the price of fuel ranges significantly through the city we, therefore, cannot compete with all fueling stations. That is why we average the price of ALL fueling stations and set our cost based on that. 

Types of Fuel Available:

  • Regular gas

  • Premium gas

  • Clear diesel

  • Dyed diesel

  • E85 

  • E99


We Refuel:

  • All types of vehicles including fleets and personal vehicles

  • Booms

  • Lifts

  • Excavators

  • Generators

  • Loaders

  • Jerrycans

  • Boats

  • Tractors